Friday, May 21, 2010

Interior Design Expert Panel

Thank you to all who attended our first Interior Design Expert Panel Discussion on May 11th. Nine industry experts talked about the realities of the Interior Design world and what it's going to take to break into the industry.

Panelists included:
Beth Anderson of Herman Miller
Heather Bethea of Bernhardt Design + Bernhardt Textiles
Wendy Lee Mancha (AiD Alum) of DESIGN Duncan Miller Ullman
Kaye A. McCallum of INTERPRISE
Laura McDonald Stewart of PLiNTH & CHiNTZ
Tracy M. Rasor of Dallas Design Group Interiors & Leslie Taylor Showroom
Jena Tiedeman (AiD Alum) of Jena Tiedeman Designs
Stacy Vestal-Elliston (AiD Alum) of RDH & Associates
Cherrie Wysong of Gensler

Kaye McCallum, Vice President of INTERPRISE

Laura McDonald Stewart shares some valuable information

If you are interested in learning more about these industry experts, handouts are available on the 'take one' stand located outside of the Career Services Office on the 5th floor.

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